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Our vision for a healthier world

At Aetna, we believe it is possible to create a more efficient, personalized medical system. Under the current health care system, everyone is part of an average population. A smarter way to approach Americans' health care is to put their needs front and center and construct a business model around those needs. Our vision is to provide health care consumers with personally tailored services that improve their health at a lower cost.

We're driving towards that vision in a number of ways.

From clinic to community

We are where you are.

We are a trusted partner in local communities across the country.

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We're taking a holistic approach to health care.

Improving outcomes requires more than just medical and technological advances. We need a new level of insight into all factors that contribute to a person's health.

Research shows that medical care is responsible for a mere 10 percent of preventable mortality*

Health CareA medical symbol
Diet / ExerciseA knife and fork
Social / EnvironmentalA family: mother, father, and child
GeneticsA strand of DNA

* Source: Kaiser Family Foundation – Beyond Health Care: The Role of Social Determinants in Promoting Health and Health Equity

The Aetna Foundation has forged a first-of-its-kind collaboration

with U.S. News & World Report to create the Healthiest Communities rankings. The goal is not just to inform, but to spark dialogue and inspire change.

See how your county scores overall on measures of health and well-being.

Hover over the map below to see each county's score.

The Aetna Foundation also awards grants and partners with local officials and organizations to launch programs that are helping to build healthy communities.

Through our 2016 Cultivating Healthy Communities grants

A person doing stretches


children/youth and 2,100 adults participated in funded programs and activities in 20 cities

A pear


of participants increased fruit consumption and 65% increased vegetable consumption through funded programs in Florida, Ohio and Texas

Three growing plants


garden beds planted over 53 acres across the country

Tackling opioid abuse

We're responding to the national opioid crisis.

A small pill bottle labeled "1999" and a large pill bottle labeled "2018", representing quadrupling overdose deaths over that period.

Since 1999,

the number of overdose deaths involving opioids has quadrupled.*

Aetna is working to help reverse this rising trend across our pharmacy, behavioral health, and medical programs.

* Source: “Understanding the Epidemic.” Centers for Disease Control (CDC). March 2017.

Aetna's comprehensive strategy

to combat the opioid epidemic


misuse and abuse


when we identify at-risk behavior


patients with access to evidence-based treatments

A triangular warning sign with an exclamation point on it

7 day

supply limit

for opioid prescriptions for our commercial pharmacy members, a change designed to reduce supply and potential for dependence.

A raised hand


national payer

to waive copays for the opioid dose antidote Narcan for fully-insured commercial members after their deductible is met.

A five-pointed star


in grants

to be awarded to fund select projects that local leaders have identified as well-positioned to tackle the most critical opioid-related challenges.

Value-based care

We're leading the way in value-based care.

Five percent of the U.S. population accounts for fifty percent of total health care costs
A pie chart showing five percent
A group of three people

5 percent

of the U.S. population accounts for

A pie chart showing fifty percent
Two stacked dollar bills

50 percent

of total health care costs

Source: Department of Health and Human Services – Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

By focusing on quality rather than quantity, and improved outcomes rather than volume of services, value-based care can deliver higher quality care at lower costs.

  • We have over


    value-based contracts with providers

  • 7+


    members have received care form providers with value-based arrangements over the past year

  • Over


    of our Commercial and Medicare claim payments to providers flow through value based care arrangements

Aetna's relationship with Banner Health in Arizona has led to

Two city buildings



in avoidable surgical admissions

Two stacked dollar bills


overall reduction

in medical costs (vs. expected cost for geography)

An image of a heart with a plus sign on it



shared savings on Aetna Whole Health fully-insured membership over 3 years

A heavy greek cross icon


better retention

of Aetna policyholders with a Banner ACO plan over the last two years

Personalized health

We're creating a personalized digital experience for our members.

New technology, including wearables and telehealth platforms, are offering health care consumers greater independence, improved convenience, and new opportunities to tailor treatments to their personal needs.



of fitness tracker users say it helps them achieve their fitness goals



of 2017's "Healthiest Employers" use wearables in their wellness programs

8 in 10


say personalized care is important to them

Best practice spotlight

A lightbulb emitting light beams

Aetna and Innovation Health are collaborating to test the GoCap®, a device that serves as the cap for a person's insulin pen, logging each injection.

It also connects with the cloud-based application One Drop®, which analyzes such data as blood-glucose levels and medications to guide live coaching based on the person's real-time health information. The technology empowers doctors to prescribe a personalized set of tools for each individual's needs.

These are just some of the ways Aetna is helping to build a healthier world.